Good Bones

As a preservation student, and ardent preservationist, I am always pleased to see old homes reused. You see, I think of houses like people, and when they are ignored and not treated well, the results are not always favorable. It is especially exciting to see people bring homes into the 21st century without taking away from some of the building’s original character or details. And as we have talked about before, I do love the juxtaposition between historic architecture and modern design. Enter Dinder House. Although much of the decor here is too modern for my tastes, I love how the family managed to insert their 21st century lifestyle into this grand Georgian home in the English countryside, without taking away from the home’s good bones. A good preservation tactic to be sure. 
The exterior of Dinder House, Somerset, England. Completed in 1801.
 Dining Room

 The Ballroom turned kitchen. Perhaps my favorite part of the house. They simply dropped the kitchen into the magnificent space with very little impact.  
 Living Room
 Master Bedroom 

 Kids playroom
This mudroom has managed to maintain a lot of its original character, which I love. What do you all think? 

Photos courtesy of the New York Times Magazine
A big thank you to Cara for sending me this link! 

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  • I think its interesting to see an old home so well preserved to get such a twist with such modern interiors..I am a little more of a purist personally but I appreciate the bigger picture, which is that they had the foresight to keep the architectural integrity of the house intact (very key in my opinion) and chose to allow it compliement and work alongside the contemporary furnishings and though somehow works. Thank you for sharing!