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Grace 10Good morning Lacquered Lifers! As you know, I never post about fashion, but today I am making an exception. I recently watched To Catch a Thief (for the millionth time), and this time Grace Kelly’s fashion really jumped off the screen. Perhaps I am ready for a Mediterranean vacation, or just a vacation in general, but even though it is sixty years later I would wear any of these outfits that Ms. Kelly wore without hesitation. There are the memorable ones, that we all know, specifically the white dress, but it is some of the less iconic outfits that really piqued my interest this time.Grace 7I love the pattern, collar, and shape of this wrap dress. The dress has a nautical rope trimmed detail that is so chic, and the belt cinches in the waist just perfectly. Grace 8One of the iconic dresses, the blue dress. One of the most wonderful things about this beautiful dress is the way she wears it, almost casually. To me she is never more American looking than she is in this dress. Simple hair, no jewelry, good tan – just perfect. Grace 6The only thing about this that I wouldn’t wear is the hat. Looks a tad awkward. Otherwise I love the skirt that attaches to the suit. Now that one piece bathing suits have come back into fashion, I love the high neck on this one. Grace 3Now that midi skirts are all the rage, and I am a big subscriber to this rage, I would definitely wear this outfit. My heels might be higher, but it is such a flattering look. And the scenery in the background doesn’t hurt. Grace 9And here is the most iconic dress in the bunch. I’m sure people have copied and copied this for weddings since this movie came out. Again there is such a casual nature to the way she wears a gown, I just love her attitude. And this is the only time we see her in jewelry. Grace 5Finally, this is the one that jumped out at me! A matching skirt and top with this cool yellow rope detail. Again, I love the midi skirt trend, so this is right on point, and many of the popular midi skirts have tops to match, so this vintage look would not look a year out of place. Grace 11So perhaps there is an exciting trip to the South of France in my future, or somewhere equally mediterranean and sexy where I can dress just like Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief.

Photos via Moma.org & The Blonde at the Film

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  • How beautiful! This is making me ache for a vacation by the coast of Italy or somewhere magical. It also gets me excited for the Grace of Monaco movie!

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos and chic outfits! She’s perfect.


    1. Natalie – so glad you enjoyed the post! I know, I need a Mediterranean vacation. Shall we go together? Thanks for stopping by! xo

  • This is lovely. She is such a model of grace and class, and I love her clothes. Wouldn’t it be fun to wear a gown for dinner? He is gorgeous, too! Have a great spring weekend. xo Nancy

  • Perhaps the greatest accessory to the lovely princess’s wardrobe in this film is Cary Grant. A man like that never goes out of style!

    1. So true. Maybe I can get my husband to wear a cravat? Doubtful … Thanks for stopping by Ashley!