Friday Before & After: Chateau du Grand-Luce

Corrigan 2Good Morning Lacquered Lifers. Chateau du Grand-Luce, interior designer Timothy Corrigan’s chateau, located in France’s lush Loire Valley. Built between 1760 & 1764 by engineer Mathieu de Bayeaux, the Chateau was privately owned through World War II, when it was then turned into a military hospital and later a tuberculosis sanatorium. The Chateau was purchased by Corrigan in 2004, at which point he began a complete restoration of the vast home. Originally the chateau had twenty bedrooms and two bathrooms; not needing as many bedrooms, Corrigan sacrificed a few for bathroom space, and now each bedroom has an en-suite bath. 
CorriganCorrigan 4Chateau du Grand-Luce is a Monument Historique, a French national heritage site, not dissimilar to our own National Register of Historic Places. As a result, the Chateau falls under the jurisdiction of the Les Architectes des Bâtiments de France, and every landscaping decision, every paint color choice, had to be approved. Corrigan 3Corrigan 6Corrigan 5While the bones of this architectural masterpiece are quite regal, Corrigan wanted the overall feeling to be casual. He spends over two months a year here, and it is his place of restoration and relaxation. Timothy, if you ever need someone to relax and restore with you, I’m available! The gardens at Chateau du Grand-Luce were restored by the French Government in the 1990s, and are open to the public on a limited basis … looks like I might have to pay the Chateau a visit. Happy Friday!

Photos via Architectural Digest

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