Fooling Around with Firewood

Living Room 2Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! Hope everyone had a good weekend! It has finally gotten a a little chilly here in Charleston, so  we can indulge in one of my favorite winter things … building a fire. When we moved to Charleston from our apartment in New York, I was so excited to have a fireplace, but for the majority of the year here in South Carolina that fireplace sits empty. So when it is finally just cold enough to justify having a fire, I’m psyched. Sitting in front of a fire on a cold evening, or having a fire in the fireplace while you entertain, just makes everything seem more festive. But where to store the wood? In our living room (above) we keep it in the bottom shelf of the built in bookcase, and similarly in the homes below, the owners have found inventive ways to keep their firewood close by. Firewood 3viaFirewoodviaFirewood 2viaSchoolhouse 8via

If you don’t have an obvious spot to keep your firewood, a couple of my favorite options are here, here, here, and here. Enjoy staying warm!

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  • Hi Olivia,
    Do you mind sharing the paint color used in your living room? It’s so pretty!
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by! Of course. It is two Farrow & Ball colors Light Gray & Mouse’s Back. It is kinda hard to explain what I used which paint color on as it isn’t exactly obvious in the photos – and I used two different finishes in each paint as well! Thanks for stopping by, please don’t hesitate to email me with any additional questions.

  • Such a warm and inviting room! What type of feathers are those on your mantle? They are gorgeous and add a great texture to the room!