Cheap and Chic of the Week: Ahoy There!

It seems as if I haven’t done a Cheap and Chic of the Week in quite a while! I have been having a hard time finding something worth the title … however, this week I am thrilled to discover that something I have been admiring for months now has finally become affordable. These 22″ square pillows from Wisteria were originally $69, and have finally come down to the affordable price of $27.60! 
These pillows were inspired by nautical signal flags, shown above. What I love about them is that although they make an historic reference, the pillows themselves have a bold, graphic, modern quality to them. 
Although I love the colors in the signal flags, I like the reinterpretation for these pillows. Obviously I love the ones that incorporate turquoise. 
I am also very drawn to this pillow, as it combines turquoise and orange, which is a color that I have been looking to incorporate into my decorating scheme, and have yet to figure out how. Perhaps this pillow is just the hit of orange that I am looking for. 
While the turquoise color is fun and upbeat, the natural tone of the linen adds a very sophisticated element to these pillows. As a result, what has the ability to be kitschy is more calm, cool and collected. The pillows do not immediately scream “nautical signal flag!”–especially if you pick your favorite pillow and buy a few of those, instead of mixing and matching. 
Just remember to measure the piece of furniture that you will be “throwing” these pillows on to. They are 22″, which is no small pillow. The couch or chair that you add them to has to be substantial enough to support these large pillows, you wouldn’t want them overwhelming your love seat! So go to Wisteria, and check out these Nautical Signal Flag pillows, on sale for $27.60–I think they would be a great addition to any room, however, don’t buy them all before I can order a few!

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