Rattan Rabbit Hole

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! So the other day I ended up down the rabbit hole of the internet, searching for light fixtures for a client, and I came across Selamat Designs …. why have I never heard of this brand before? Based out of San Francisco, they specialize in rattan/jute/wicker products from places like Indonesia. The combination of living in Charleston, with our zone 9 subtropical climate, and my love of Tom Scheerer always makes me a sucker for natural material products, so I couldn’t be more thrilled when I ended up on the Selamat website … and  the price points are not astronomical. For example, the Beehive Pendant is listed around $200. Don’t you love little design discoveries like these? Selamat LightingClockwise from left: Beehive Chandelier // Bodega Round Pendant Light // Deco Hanging Pendant // Collins Hanging PendantSelamat TablesJute Basket Spot Table // Riva Bunching Table // Pamona Nesting Tables

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Stunning & Salvaged.

zinc 4Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! Today I share a very cool piece of architecture with really wonderful interiors. Designed by Aaron Hojman, Casa Zinc, located in Uruguay is a guest house clad with corrugated zinc, which the designer salvaged from abandoned barns throughout Uruguay. Every piece of this house has been salvaged from elsewhere, giving the interior of this otherwise brand new home the historic feel of one that has been there for a long time. There are pieces throughout the house from hotels, pharmacies, railway stations, warehouses, which have been given new life by their incorporation into Casa Zinc. While this project is not on a whole a preservation project, the preservation and rescue of all these architectural elements certainly warrants the appreciation of preservationists! If not for Hojman and his quest to salvage all these parts and build Casa Zinc, many of these decorative architectural elements would have been lost.  zinc 3 zinc 6 zinc 5 zincPhotos via Marie Claire Maison

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Eternal Blooms on your Tabletop

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! It has been a while since I posted on anything for the table, and last night I was looking at Terrain’s February new arrivals and fell head over heels for these floral taper holders. Featuring a columbine, a poppy, and a white flax, these candlesticks would make a great addition to any spring table. I say forget what the groundhog said, ignore the snow, and bring some of these guys home to put you in the mood for spring. Perhaps for an Easter table? Am I getting ahead of myself? Perhaps … it’s only February. But who can blame me when looking at these tapers? Each taper is different, representing the different blooms and leaves of each flower. Great in a matching pair, or a mismatched bunch, these versatile candlesticks are a must for any spring table. Now onto what china to use … Terrain6Terrain7ColumbineTerrain3White FlaxTerrain8Poppy

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