Eternal Blooms on your Tabletop

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! It has been a while since I posted on anything for the table, and last night I was looking at Terrain’s February new arrivals and fell head over heels for these floral taper holders. Featuring a columbine, a poppy, and a white flax, these candlesticks would make a great addition to any spring table. I say forget what the groundhog said, ignore the snow, and bring some of these guys home to put you in the mood for spring. Perhaps for an Easter table? Am I getting ahead of myself? Perhaps … it’s only February. But who can blame me when looking at these tapers? Each taper is different, representing the different blooms and leaves of each flower. Great in a matching pair, or a mismatched bunch, these versatile candlesticks are a must for any spring table. Now onto what china to use … Terrain6Terrain7ColumbineTerrain3White FlaxTerrain8Poppy

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