Cape Tales

IMG_2071The Atwood House c. 1752, home of the Chatham Historical Society in Chatham, MA, where WWB and I were fortunate enough to be last weekend. We were there for a wedding at the Chatham Bars Inn, and only a true preservation nerd (like myself) makes a point of finding the local historical society.


Atwood-houseAnother picture of Atwood House, prior to its becoming the home of the Chatham Historical Society. The Chatham Historical Society purchased this c. 1756 home in 1926, for a total of $5,000.00, which was raised by the community.

IMG_2098Chatham is a great looking little town, WWB and I had so much fun just strolling around. This is a picture of the shopfront of Jack Wills, a new British boutique which seems to be taking the US by storm! More on this new favorite brand tomorrow …

IMG_2095I mean, how wonderful is the Chatham Chamber of Commerce?

IMG_2088The Josiah Mayo House c. 1820, home of the Chatham Conservation Association, which sits right in the village.

IMG_2066A big thank you to Leslie & Colin for such a wonderful weekend, and congratulations on a beautiful wedding. Goodbye Chatham! Until next time …


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