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Joseph Kennedy, former United States Ambassador to Great Britain. Until the situation that occurred in Libya last year, it seemed that being an Ambassador was a pretty cushy job; and in fact, it probably still is in countries like Great Britain, France, Italy etc. This month’s issue of Town & Country (with a very good looking Prince Harry on the cover) takes a look at the life of Charles Rivkin, US Ambassador to France, and his family. The article got me thinking about US Ambassadors and their residences, so I started looking. Here are a few favorites.

Winfield House, Great Britain. This is where Joseph Kennedy and his family would have lived. It was actually built in 1936 by Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton.

Villa Taverna,  Italy. The Villa Taverna dates to the 16th century, and has been home to US Ambassadors since 1933.

Petschek Villa, Prague. Built in 1920, the Petschek Villa has been home to the US Ambassador since 1948 after occupation by both the Nazi and Soviet Army during WWII.

Hotel de Pontalba, France. Built by the New Orleans born Baroness de Pontalba between 1836 and 1842 and has been the residence of the US Ambassador since 1972.

Phoenix Park, Ireland. Built in 1776 – how appropriate – and has been the residence of the US Ambassador since 1927.

Spaso House, Russia. Built in 1914, it has been the residence of the American Ambassador since 1933.

US Ambassador’s Residence,  Vietnam. Built in 1921, it has been the home of the US Ambassador since 1994.

Villa Otium, Norway. Built in 1911, it has been the home of the US Ambassador since 1924.

 Palacio Bosch, Argentina. Built in 1910, it has been the residence of the US Ambassador since 1929.

This is only a sampling of US Ambassador residences – most of them are really spectacular  … if you were up for a diplomatic appointment, which house would you like to live in?


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  1. The Dublin Embassy Residence in the Phoenix Park has been known as ‘Deerfield’ for some time. I can’t remember where I heard this but apparently it was named as such by the wife of an Ambassador – perhaps someone could verify? Thanks for sharing the photos of the other residences!

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