Voglio Vacanza Qui

Villa 7My brother texted me this morning from Rome, and while I’m feeling extremely jealous, the text also let my inner italiophile out of the closet. So today we’re in a very italian mood … voglio questo villa. Villa Centinale, just outside Siena, built in the 17th century, restoration completed 21st century. Owned by Ned Lambton, a british musician, and the seventh Earl of Durham; Villa Centinale was purchased by Lambton’s father in 1977 and was passed to Lambton upon his father’s death. In the early 2000’s, the condition of the estate could only be described as crumbling, and instead of allowing the villa to crumble, Lambton decided to take on the expensive restoration project and when completed, make the villa available to rent to defray costs. Who wants to rent the villa with me? Villa 4Villa 2Villa 6Villa 3Villa 5Villa 1Historic Preservation at its finest. I can just picture strolling the gardens with a glass of vino, smelling the citrus, and smiling. Italia ti amo.

Photos via Architectural Digest visit www.villacetinale.com for more information

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