Venezia: Que Bella!

  • Life
  • July 28, 2014

Gritti 2So despite having spent five months living in Rome my junior year abroad, I never went to Venice. I know, I know, sounds a bit crazy, but I really wanted to experience Venice in a more luxurious way than staying in a hostel. So lucky for me the Gritti Palace finished a painstaking restoration last year and is now truly the pinnacle of chic in Venice. What could be more luxurious than pulling up to the private dock of the Gritti Palace and staying in a suite overlooking the Grand Canal? Let’s be honest, not much. A girl can dream, right? So today some beautiful pictures of the Gritti Palace, the Grand Canal, and Venezia in general. Que bella!Gritti 3 Gritti Gritti 5 Gritti 4Photos via Vogue Living

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