Un Posto al Sole

Scan 3Here at Lacquered Life I have often discussed (perhaps too often) my love for historic buildings decorated in a minimalist style. This can mean a few different things … it can mean modern furniture, it can mean antique furniture, it can mean Scandinavian, it can mean baroque; but what it always means is spartan. No clutter. It allows the architecture and the furniture to breathe, and often gives the historic structure an opportunity to shine. This is exactly what Franco Bergamaschi has done in his 19th century villa in Lodi outside of Milan. He has given this wonderful 19th century home the opportunity to shine. Using mostly antique furniture re-upholstered in linen and a muted paint palette, Bergamaschi’s fireplace mantels, windows, floors, and cabinetry all get their place in the sun, un post al sole. And it is most deserved. 
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Photos via Elle Decoration Country Vol. 4

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