Twenty First Century People, Nineteenth Century Life

nytimes 1In today’s NY Times is an article entitled, “It’s All 1810 to Them.” Obviously, I took one look at that title and knew the article was for me. This home, built in 1810, is located in Stockton, NJ, and has been painstakingly restored over the last five years by its owners, John & Judy Hobday, down to the antique nails in the floor. Although not everything is original to the structure, it all dates to either to the 18th or early 19th centuries. 
nytimes 4The Hobdays added the fireplace to the house, constructing it from stones found on the property.nytimes 5 nytimes 6 nytimes 7The mantel for the new fireplace dates to the 1790s.nytimes 8 nytimes 9The door, its lock, and keys are all 18th century, and are not original to the house. nytimes 2nytimes 3The tiger maple bed and bedside tables are custom. And as you can tell from the four poster bed, the ceilings in the Hobday’s house are barely seven feet high. And while the rooms and the structure are obviously historic, they also feel surprisingly modern. nytimes 10Next up for the Hobday’s? The restoration of an 18th century outbuilding on a property as a studio for Judy. A project like this is a true labor of love, and not cheap. The Hobday’s five year renovation came in at just over $1 million. However, to a preservationist like me, the rewards for doing a project like this far outweigh the costs. Which probably explains why I live in a city full of potential projects like this one.

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