The True East End

After I featured this photo from House Beautiful in last week’s post on porches, I decided to share more of this East Hampton cottage with you after a beautiful weekend out east. Although some people may think of “the Hamptons” as a place to see and be seen, and a place for mansions and sports cars, historically that was not always the case. This house, as well as many of the houses in East Hampton, Sag Harbor, and Shelter Island tell a different story – one of sea captains, fishermen and early settlers. As you all know, I am keen on all things historic, and this house, decorated by my favorite Tom Scheerer, is no exception. 

What I love about Scheerer’s take on this house is that he really let the house shine through. The decorating, while having quite an impact, is very minimal. Clean walls and floors with accent fabrics and great antique pieces. What is special to me is the house itself – its 18th century floors, beams, windows – all the things that I absolutely love that lead me to historic preservation in the first place. These are the true gems of “the Hamptons” – and we have to make sure not to forget them, and not to underestimate their value. 

Photos courtesy of House Beautiful

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