The “Nightscape” of Preservation

Frank Relle 7Hello Lacquered Lifers. I know, I know, it has been a while. Putting the house on the market and getting ready for the move have really occupied my time … along with work and a sick dog. I’m sorry I have been neglecting you! To kick off the comeback today I want to introduce you to New Orleans based photographer Frank Relle. I was introduced to his work through an article in the NY Times, and I’ve fallen completely head over heels for his “Nightscapes” series. Photographing buildings all over New Orleans, particularly those in need of a little TLC, the lighting he uses makes the buildings seem as though they are part of some magical land … which, for those of us who have spent any time in New Orleans, know is the truth. For more information on Frank Relle, and to peruse more of his stunning work, visit . And don’t worry Lacquered Lifers, like these historic buildings, I am here to stay. xo OliviaFrank Relle 6 Frank Relle 5 Frank Relle 3 Frank Relle 4

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  • I do hope that is nothing serious with your dog. I have a cavalier and have had some issues, do hope they aren’t anything like mine. They are such loves.

    1. Thank you Mary Lou – he has some environmental allergies which are really bad this time of year, but now we have finally gotten it all sorted out with a serum created specifically for Hamish and his allergies. We’re all suffering this time of year!

  • These photographs have such a haunting quality to them. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you good luck with your move and your sick pup. : )