The Green Lawns of Ireland

04Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would post some photos of Ireland. All of these photos are from the book The Irish Country House by Desmond Fitzgerald, published by Vendome Press. Like The English Country House and The Scottish Country House, The Irish Country House is a book filled with behind the scenes photos of the property and interiors of some of the finest private homes in Ireland. If you have the other two books, this is one that you should definitely add to your collection. Today, I have focused mostly on the beautiful gardens and lawns of these homes … well, because they’re green. The Irish Country House is available at Barnes & Noble here10a IMG_1901 IMG_3677 IMG_3815 IMG_3819 IMG_4783 IMG_9322 IMG_9354Looking at these beautiful landscapes, a favorite movie quote comes to mind …

“Why land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts … It will come to you, this love of the land. There’s no gettin’ away from it if you’re Irish.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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