Spring is in the Air!

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! Sorry for the lack of posts last week, there is a lot going on here at Church Street … and I promise to let you in the loop very soon. Spring has finally arrived in Charleston, and to celebrate that I want to embrace all things “spring-like” and surround myself with the feeling of springtime – which to me means green! The flowers are blooming and the plants are coming back and I want to feel that feeling inside and out. And who better to do that with than a man who loved his gardens, the late, great, Oscar de la Renta. So lets paper our walls with springtime so that we can feel this great all the time! All of the papers below are from Oscar de la Renta’s wallpaper collection for Lee Jofa. 
Oscar 4Zig Zag Paper in Blue/Green

Oscar 3Hedges Paper in Off White
Oscar 1Morning Glory Paper in Spring


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