Seeing Red

I thought it only fitting that after last night/yesterday’s election results I show you a few of my favorite red accented rooms.

Of course we all know Brooke Astor’s Albert Hadley designed red lacquer library in her Park Avenue apartment … and we all know how I love a good lacquer job. 
 And Diana Vreeland in the famous pose from her apartment. 
Decor Pad
Chinoiserie Chic!–I love this red lacquered bamboo chair, with the red desk accessories. 
Decor Pad
 The red accents are a nice addition to this otherwise white kitchen.
Decor Pad
Again, red desk accessories add a bright touch to this white office. I am very jealous of this person’s organizational abilities! 

Decor Pad
And I just love these headboards. And this picture might be the most representative of the current political climate–strong hits of red, on a light blue background. 

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