Scouring World Market for a National Holiday

Rustic-Natural-Table-Setting-feathers1Last year I hosted my first Thanksgiving. I had a blast planning the table scape really far in advance and picking everything myself. This year, we’re going back up north to be with my family in Connecticut, and yesterday my mother and I started talking about planning her table scape. My mother said that this year she wanted to go for a more “natural” look on the Thanksgiving table – maybe even a little rustic. As we were discussing all the pieces, I suggested that she go online and check out some moderately priced things from World Market. Well you can imagine my surprise when she said, “what’s World Market?”. World Market is great, it can be hit or miss, but often has some great little finds for low prices. Simple glassware, for instance, is great at World Market – baskets, napkins – the list goes on. So today I thought I would try and piece together my mother’s rustic/natural Thanksgiving table with some finds from World Market. WM TableclothFirst, the Ivory Hotel Linen Tablecloth as a base. WM ChargerThen, add Driftwood Chargers.WM PlatePlace the Nantucket Plates atop the Driftwood Chargers … WM NapkinAnd add the Parchment Hemstitch Napkins. WM FlatwareThe Danieli Flatware gives a homegrown rustic feel to the table.WM GlasswareFollowed by some Tortoiseshell glassware for the water.WM BasketPerhaps a Madras Oval Basket for the bread … WM Cake StandAnd a Wood Bark Pedestal Stand for your Pumpkin Pie! And voila – a rustic table courtesy of World Market. Click on the photos to be redirected to the World Market website. Happy Thanksgiving table scaping!


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