Say Hello to My Little Friend

The Aga Companion. The creme de la creme of tiny apartment stoves. Measuring in at just 24″ wide, this stoves reeks of tradition, sophistication, and capability–and I have wanted one since the first time I saw it. 

The Aga Companion is the little brother to Aga’s four oven heat storage cooker. My boyfriend and I had always said that this was our dream oven. Although it might seem strange that we dream about ovens, one look at this one and you see the reason why. We have often fantasized about an historic home in the Scottish Highlands with a large kitchen, and at its center, the Aga. Can’t you just see cooking cozy meals  on this amazing piece of equipment? Well, as it turns out, in reality there probably wont be the Highlands estate, but there will be New York Apartments … 
Enter architects Richard Sammons and Anne Fairfax of Fairfax & Sammons. I was lucky enough to be invited to their home in the West Village for drinks, and low and behold, I walked into the kitchen and there it was … the Aga Companion. I had never seen anything so wonderful in my entire life. What is it about things in miniature that are just soooo great? Anne explained to me that it was the Aga Companion, and that they could not very well have fit a full sized Aga into their kitchen, but that the Companion was just right.
Part of the love affair with the Aga is the rainbow of vibrant colors that one can choose from. A stove for every personality … Red.
And then a lovely yellow … 
Perhaps a cream? 
Or maybe pistachio suits you best … 
We all know where my allegiances lie in the color department. 
Unfortunately my lacquered lifers, these ovens are not cheap. Manufactured and sold primarily in the UK, the only price quotes I could get were in pounds, and if they aren’t giving them away in pounds, the number will be much harder to stomach in dollars. Alas, a girl can dream, can’t she? 

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  • Oh, ooh, I love these!! The colors are such a treat! When you have time I have a ? guess what ? About Lacquer ?

    Art by Karena

  • Aga is a love/hate thing. While most everyone loves the look, for people who actually get them about half get rid of them. Here is why: An oversized roast or turkey does not fit; they are continually ‘on’ and emit heat; you need to re-learn how to use an oven and sometime the cook top; most are fueled by oil.

    The heat thing works in the UK because it’s so darn cool and damp all the time. We have several friends in UK that have them. One renovated her kitchen a few years ago and put a double oven in as a back up in the mudroom/pantry to use in the summer time, Aga gets turned off. Great if you have the money and the space! The other friend never cooks.

    You can find them ‘used’ all the time from people who decide that its not their thing. Our next door neighbors sold theirs back to the dealer, a large red one, because they are renovating their kithen. She loved it, he hated it.

    Now I don’t mean to be so negative about Agas, but all these issues make me feel better about not having one because I REALLY love the look.

  • Pemberley,
    Thanks for your feedback! I don’t think I have one in my future (pricey!) but I will definitely take the info into consideration when the time comes! Thanks!