Out of Africa

So here we are again back at one of my favorite topics, and in a location that I would love to visit. This home, in South Africa, is a perfect example of how historic/old and contemporary/modern can coexist, in a recipe that creates something very magical. The base of the house, and its six over six windows provide a fantastic foundation for the second story’s casement windows and swerving balcony. The chairs in the foreground also add a nice touch … 
Along the backside of the house, you can also see the owner’s love of both rustic and modern interiors. The sliding glass doors, while being far from single pane, echo his modern aesthetic and love of light – but the chairs on the interior are more overtly contemporary. 
The dining room could honestly be in a million older homes anywhere, but again the farm table and vintage cabinetry, set against the pink backdrop with lucite chairs continues the overall theme of this African abode. 
The pool’s curvy shape repeats that of the deck above, and provides a secret tropical paradise. 
This kitchen says old farmhouse in the country … 
And one would probably never think that it was in this light-box of a house in South Africa. This house is yet another example of the perfect marriage between opposites. See, opposites do attract … especially in architecture and interiors! 

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

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