Out in the Sticks

Hello my friends. Back from a whirlwind weekend in Charleston, oh the things that happened! Beautiful weather, great food, the Charleston Designer Showhouse … Anyway that’s all for another day. Today, I’m going to post what I intended to post on Friday, before USAirways oversold my flight and sent me to New York to get to Charleston. 
This is the rural Alabama home of Butch Anthony, an artist and the host of the Doo Nanny art festival. This home, which Anthony built himself, was featured in the NYTimes last week, and for those of you who didn’t catch it–its a must see. 
This fireplace was salvaged from a nearby ruin, and the wood burning stove provides the heat for the kitchen. 
Some of Mr. Anthony’s own artworks are on display throughout the house, in this case above the bed. The bed frame is made from license plates, which are painted white, and the seats of the chairs are made of woven together men’s ties. 
I love how white the bedrooms are. And I especially love how Anthony hung the deer head from the wall and then proceeded to paint over it. 
The bathroom in this bedroom is my favorite part of the house. Created from what Anthony calls “beaver sticks,” which are sticks that have been chewed by beavers, this bathroom has both the feeling of art installation and treehouse. Anthony uses the so called “beaver sticks” in most of his artwork.
I’m not sure I love the potential lack of privacy in this bathroom, but its perfect for living out in the woods. It really adds such a beautiful visual element, and is a cool way for Anthony to incorporate his work into the home’s construction. Whaddya think? 

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  • It’s a pretty remarkable, particularly the bathroom, and a reminder of how many options there are in creating inviting spaces. However, as much as I like the crispness of the white, this one makes me want to put on a sweater.

  • He is so creative! I love what he did with the license plates. I can’t wait to hear about the Charleston Designer Showhouse!