Out East Down South

S&L 1
Serena & Lily Wainscott, NY

Over the past 10 summers I have spent a great deal of time out East. And over the past 10 summers I watched as the local stores closed and larger, more expensive retail chains took over. Goodbye local store, hello Gucci. And the thing was, I probably wouldn’t have complained as much had the new retail stores been anything that I was interested in shopping. (This obviously does not go for JCrew). Of course, now that I have left NYC, and my frequent visits to Long Island, a store that I would love to peruse on summer weekends has opened in Wainscott. To toast Serena & Lily’s opening, here are some of my current favorites.

S&L 2
Sling Chair
S&L 4
Beacon Sconce
S&L 3
Chunky Rattan Trays
Sol Chaise
Sol Chaise
S&L 5
Fouta Bath Towels

Despite the fact that these Fouta Towels are in fact bath towels, I might be inclined to bring one on the beach. Although I will miss summers on the East End, and won’t get to see the Serena & Lily store until later in the summer, it is already full on beach weather here in Charleston – and I have a tan. Good trade, don’t you think?

SignaturePhotos courtesy of Serena & Lily 


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