Oh How the Time Flies …

I know, I know … you were probably all worried sick about me when you didn’t hear from me for four months. And then that worry probably turned to anger … or at least that is the sense I am getting from a few dedicated readers. I am sorry that Lacquered Life took a loooong hiatus over the summer … there was the required internship in New York, and then September came and it took me a while to settle back in here in Philadelphia. Oh how I miss New York–and oh how I miss all of you who read this blog of mine and who indulge me by commenting once and a while. So I am back. I guarantee you there will be tardiness throughout this year as I attempt to plough through my thesis … but I need this blog … I need all of you.   So for today I have some pictures of my summer job … eye candy for preservationists, antiquarians, or simply lovers of old buildings. 

My summer at New York City Hall … 

So you see? I wasn’t abandoning you for no good reason! Over the next few days, I will post more photos (and anecdotes) of my summer doing a survey of NY City Hall, and then get back to the business of leading a Lacquered Life! Thanks to all my Lacquered Lifers who are sticking by me, I know how frustrating it is when your favorite bloggers desert you. 

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