• Life
  • June 28, 2012

Moving never gets any easier. Growing up, we moved a fair amount, I attended two different colleges as well as studying abroad, and I have lived in three cities since finishing BC five years ago. I should be an old pro – but it really never gets easier. Its not the packing, or the wrapping, or the tossing out – its the emotional part that gets to me. Even though these apartments or houses we occupy are just spaces, they become part of our lives … they become home. And that is something that you  just can’t shake very easily. You feel like you are leaving a member of the family behind when you walk out of your house or apartment for the last time, turn off the lights and lock the door. You never fail to feel like you’re forgetting something, even though the space is completely empty. To the outside viewer the space is completely empty, but to you it is filled with the memories of your time there. 
But you know what they say –  when one door closes, another door opens … 
Photos taken by the author and Taylor Lorenz

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