Luxurious Lounging

Graduate school is exhausting. Especially when in the throws of midterms. And really especially when you’re getting so close to the end that you have a hard time staying focused. How lovely it would be to spend a day lounging in bed, catching up on the pile of Vanity Fair and shelter magazines and just relaxing. I have to be honest though, after seeing some of these bedrooms, I don’t think my bed will suffice! 
Mattresses on the floor are not something that I am typically very fond of. However, in this bedroom the print vignette above the bed and the obviously well thought out bedside table, chair, and throw make the room feel a bit less like they just threw a mattress on the floor and called it a day. Thoughts? 
Ship lap. Can’t get enough of it. I love the juxtaposition of the old feeling building, and the extremely modern almost Danish furniture. 
Greece? Pompeii? Who cares, I wanna be in this bed. One can only assume that those windows open out on to the Mediterranean. 
I have always liked beds in the middle of the room, not unlike Tom Scheerer’s house in the Bahamas that I posted yesterday. This has a distinctly French feel, which lends it an amazing sophistication despite the simplicity of the sheets and upholstery. 
Light, airy, open. Blue and white. What’s not to love? 
Finally, I think in a perfect world this is where I would like to be. In the countryside, stack of books, chaise lounge and sunshine. 

photos courtesy of Marie Claire Maison 

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