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Martha kitchen 7Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! A few weeks ago I posted about Martha Stewart’s laundry room at Skylands, her home in Maine. Today, I thought I would share some photos of Martha’s various kitchens. While I have never been a follower of Martha’s, she is lucky enough to live in some extremely beautiful historic homes – so clearly we have something in common. When I designed our kitchen at Church Street, I looked backwards for my design inspiration, and designed a kitchen that was in keeping with the time period when the kitchen would have been added into the house. Prior to kitchens being inside the main house, most Charleston houses had a kitchen house, or dependency, a building separate from the main building that would have housed the kitchen. Martha is lucky enough to have kitchens that are original to her homes – and I can’t pretend that these photos haven’t ended up on more than one inspiration board for my clients.

This first photo above is from Turkey Hill, Martha’s home in Westport, Connecticut – not far from where I grew up! Her use of long, narrow storage drawers in her island is one of my favorites. 
Martha kitchen 2This is from Skylands, Martha’s home in Maine. This large scale sink is heavenly. Deep, divided, drip edges … what’s not to love? Martha kitchen 1And again at Skylands, what Martha refers to as “the great wall of china”. Open shelving is something I always appreciate. I definitely took this cue at Church Street!Martha Kitchen 4Martha’s kitchen on Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton. This zinc countertop is so great. It is not only great looking, but durable as well, and is one of those products that looks even better with age and wear.  I also really appreciate the low height of these cabinets, and the way that they are fastened to the counter. It allows for beautiful open storage above, and easy access to china … without a step ladder.Martha kitchen 9Finally this full wall cabinet back at Turkey Hill in Westport. As you all know, I probably get more envious of storage than anything else. As someone who is slowly becoming somewhat of a china hoarder, cabinetry like this in a butler’s pantry would be my dream.

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  • Beautiful photos. Thank you for posting. I love how Martha organizes all her kitchen drawers, cabinets, etc. too. Love, love, love your blog, Olivia!

    1. Thank you Katie! So appreciate your kind words. And I completely agree about Martha’s drawer organization!