I’m Baaaaack! With a Teaser from Charleston

Hello Everyone! I am so sorry about being so absentee for so long. I am finally back, moving into WWB’s apartment in the city, and getting myself settled. The week at Sullivan’s Island was amazing, and I spent a ton of time in my beloved Charleston; and particularly with the fabulous Janet Gregg. I am putting together a post about her wonderful cottage on Stoll’s Alley that she was kind enough to let me photograph – but for now, just a teaser! Check back tomorrow for more! 

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  • You have to fill me on Charleston before tomorrow night…I arrive in the early AM and I’m spending the whole day there on Friday! Can’t wait!

  • Would love to learn more. LOVE Charleston but July was very hot when I visited last year! WOnder if the Islands are cooler in SUmmer… must be!

  • Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed finding your blog. I live near Valley Forge and also have in laws that live outside of Charleston, so have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of your posts – I literally went back through (over a few days 🙂 and read them all !!! Thanks for providing me such enjoyment. Good luck with your blog and only do it when you can – but even once in a while is just lovely.