Going Green

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, moved out of my apartment in Philadelphia last week and it has been absolute chaos! Ok, so I’m moving in with WWB in NYC and we have to “feminize” his apartment. Although as you all know, blue is my favorite color, I am in a green state of mind when it comes to revitalizing the bedroom. 
The bedroom walls are gentleman’s gray, and WWB loves the color. I do to, I picked it after seeing it in a bedroom in a magazine and its perfect. Right now he has dark wood antique furniture and map prints on the walls, and sheets with a burgundy stripe … not exactly feminine. 
So I decided that we should accent the room with green to make it a bit of a more gender neutral and happier room! I bought these  Pottery Barn sheets with green stripes, and I am getting ready to do some additional green accents. Some of the rooms below with their green accents have given me some inspiration … 

Additionally, I found this extremely cheap fabric at Calico Corners by Anne Selke that I thought I could use … 
On a cushion for this faux bamboo chair I bought on Ebay Last year … 
… or for a bedskirt, or both! This photo from Pine Cone Hill gives an idea of what the bedskirt might look like in the fabric, even though I would definitely have a more tailored bedskirt made. So what do you all think? Lime and citrus against a backdrop of navy with white furniture? Is that gender neutral enough? 
Images courtesy of House Beautiful, Pine Cone Hill

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  • Love your inspiration! This is definitely a green palette I could live with!

    True story…{speaking of blue bedrooms, when I repainted hubs and my bedroom I painted it blue…a blue called “pure” to be exact…which is ironic for a bedroom, don’t you think 😉

    xx Cat brideblu