Friday Finds: Tin Tobacco

Tobacco_Leaf_Tin_PlateGood Morning Lacquered Lifers! Remember that post I did a while back, Chewing on Mottahedeh’s Tobbaco Leaf? I love that china pattern, as I know most of you do, but china like that isn’t exactly something you go to the store and purchase on whim. Its either a registry item, or gifted over a number of years one piece at a time … but maybe not anymore! Now you can have something in your home that gives you the look of Tobacco Leaf, without the hefty price tag. This tin plate, yes tin, is available through Furbish Studio, and features a near identical pattern to the one on Mottahedeh’s China. And at $18/plate, that’s quite the deal. And hey, they’re tin, so you could even take them on a chic picnic when the weather warms up! Happy Friday! IMG_3990

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  • I just added some Tobacco leaf mugs to my shop yesterday. They’re so beautiful. Check them out at Preppypagoda

  • I am the BIGGEST fan of the tin plates. I have a whole collection of them and they’re so perfect for tailgating, picnics, sailing, etc. Super chic and totally practical!