For the Love of Linens

IMG_3975Last week when I was in New Orleans, Lindsay of The Pursuit of Style recommended that I go to visit the Leontine Linens showroom. I was not disappointed. The space was beautiful, and the product? Well let’s just say I was in heaven. Between coverlets and shams, napkins and placemats, it was a full linen sensory overload. We had just come from an amazing lunch at Lilette, and ending our lunch outing ogling over beautiful linens was the perfect accompaniment. IMG_3969We had the pleasure of meeting Jane Scott Hodges, the woman behind Leontine Linens, and she couldn’t have been more fun, welcoming, and happy to chat, despite the fact that her book, Linens for Every Room and Occasion, hits stores today. The book is being published by Rizzoli, and has a foreword by Charlotte Moss. I was lucky enough to check out a preview copy at the shop, and I cannot wait to get my hands on one of my own. The book is available through Amazon here and Barnes & Noble here.  IMG_3974IMG_3982IMG_3987IMG_3989IMG_3986IMG_3978IMG_3985IMG_3977IMG_3990After an experience like this, I will be hard pressed not to be ordering some napkins and a coverlet! The question is, how do I choose? Jane Scott and I have similar taste in china, she loves Herend Fish Scale like I do, and we agreed that the chopstick font (shown in the second picture) in green might be a great accompaniment to our Herend Fish Scale and Meissen Ming Dragon II. Any thoughts?

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  • So glad you were able to visit! I knew you’d love it. I have the exact same photo of her monogrammed chair saved in my inspiration files from when we visited. Sigh, that’s going to be on the someday list for awhile! xx

  • Wow, these monogrammed linens are amazing. There’s something about a monogram that just makes things look more special. Beautiful post.

    1. Thank you Karen! Thanks for stopping by! I completely agree. The monogram just makes everything feel special and personal. Unique.

  • The chopstick font is an absolute favorite of mine! I have Rothschild bird china and (I think!) it has the fishscale pattern on the edges?! Regardless, you can’t go wrong with chopstick font in my option. It’s classic without trying to hard. 🙂
    ~Mary Keller

    1. Rothschild Bird does have fish scale on the edges! So glad you think the chopstick is classic. I’m definitely leaning towards that. Thanks Mary Keller! And thanks for stopping by!