Farewell My Queen

Versailles 1I recently had the pleasure of watching Farewell My Queen, a french film about Marie Antoinette and her last days at Versailles. If you like watching foreign films, I highly recommend this one. Diane Kruger plays Marie Antoinette and she is absolutely stunning. I am not sure what gets top billing in the film, the costumes as worn by Diane Kruger and Virginie Ledoyen, or the interior of Versailles.Versailles Queen 3Versailles 2Versailles Queen Versailles 3Versailles Queen 5This last dress was my absolute favorite. (Blue and white, not surprising). It is the last dress that you see Marie Antoinette wear, and while it is obviously a beautiful gown there is also something so accessible about the sailor styling. How about that zig zag edging?! Versailles 7Despite the gorgeous costumes, I think it is without doubt that the Palace of Versailles steals the show. Honestly, how could it not? Built in the 17th century under the reign of Louis XIV, it remained the seat of the King of France until 1789 when Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were beheaded during the Revolution.

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