Easter Bunny Coming Early

IMG_3239If you’re anything like me, and you’re hosting Easter, you have already started brainstorming your Easter table. I tend to do this with holidays, and I get really excited about decorating a table perhaps a bit too early than I need to. I’m hoping that we have good weather in Charleston because I would love to host Easter in the garden, as I did last year. Above is the Minton China I just scored from my parents basement. I am absolutely in love with it, and feel like it just screams, “use me for Easter!”. I want to pull the colors from the plates and incorporate them into other pieces of the Easter table.Easter 2Next, I’m seriously considering a Roberta Roller Rabbit tablecloth in the Jemina print. I want the table to look bountiful and have lots of colors and textures – so I like the pattern of the plates atop this block printed favorite.Easter 3If I go with the Roberta tablecloth, I think I might have to jump for these Trimmed Napkins from Wisteria. Currently the only color napkins we have in our drawer are blue, and as Easter signifies spring, I want green to be an overarching theme of the table.Easter 1Now I am not usually a big fan of napkin rings, but since I am going for the bountiful table look, I really love these Queen Anne’s Lace napkin rings from Crate & Barrel. I’m sure a lot of you are better at floral DIY projects than I am, and might take it upon yourself to make real Queen Anne’s Lace napkin rings, but I am not that crafty. And I could see these becoming a tradition at the Easter table in our house. Easter 4Can’t have a table in my house without adding an accent of blue somewhere! I really love these tried and true Fleur-de-Lys Tumblers from Anthropologie. These glasses pull the blue from the china pattern, and are a great contrast with the bright green of the napkins. easter 7Flowers … I’m flirting with the idea of lilacs. I’m not quite sure that we will be able to get them, but I just love the smell and their generally floppy nature. If you look at the china pattern, there is the slightest bit of lavender in the pattern, and I would love to get that to pop. I’m thinking these lilacs could do the trick. What are you thinking for your Easter table? Would love to hear about it!

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