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It occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything recently that would appeal to my fellow preservationists, or just to my fellow lovers of architectural history. So today, partially because of the weather and partially because of my mood, I am going to share some pictures that I took out at Valley Forge. There is something about a building that is essentially in ruins that has an air of mystique, which for whatever reason, feels appropriate today. 
Knox’s Quarters – Valley Forge, PA
Remnants of a hand  painted wall treatment along an original window frame. 
I am always intrigued by antique hardware. 
More remnants of the wall painting. 
I loved the diamond panes of this built in cabinet. That hole in the wall is where the original mantelpiece beam would have rested. 
2 different generations of wallpaper–both floral, but with totally different aesthetics. Although I would never use a mustard color on walls, I do like the shape and flow of the trees in the wallpaper below the missing chair rail. 
I was absolutely fascinated with this wallpaper. For whatever reason I took tons of pictures of it. It seemed to be peeling in all the right places to give it a really interesting affect. 
Here is a closeup of that wallpaper. What it shows are vignettes of trees and barns or covered bridges .. its hard to tell.  However, there is a covered bridge down the road from the house, perhaps it is a reference. 
I should probably put together a file of all the hardware that I have photographed. 
This attic room felt like a set from Grey Gardens.
A view of the barn from the house. If that isn’t picturesque!
Built in the early 18th century, and continuously added on to through the 1920s, Knox’s Quarters was the home of John Brown and his family, and served as the headquarters of Brigadier General Henry Knox, Washington’s artillery chief during the encampment.  

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  • Ohhh such fun! Do more of these preservationist posts, won’t you?! Love the old wallpaper patterns and hardware. I lived in a very old building in San Francisco awhile back and my apartment had the most charming picture rails and old crystal doorknobs. Love that stuff! XOXO Katie

  • I agree! Please do more preservation posts. I loved the old wallpaper, doorknobs it’s like finding treasure.