Cheap & Chic of the Week: Targeting Towels

Towels 6Before I got married, I was quite keen on having a beautiful bathroom in my new home with my husband, towels all hung in a row just so. I registered for  monogrammed towels. Fast forward just over two years to today. The towels are never hung just so, and despite all my pleading with Mr. B, he sometimes forgets and uses them to dry the dog after he has given him a bath. So those beautiful white towels with the blue monogram are not quite as white as I would like them to be, and there are some questionable spots on a few of them. Although I absolutely love the monogram, I have decided that this time I am going with an all white towel that can be bleached within an inch of its life if the situation calls for it.Towels 7Enter the dream towel. Although I have decided that I should have all white towels, I would like them to have some texture to add an element of design. I am, and have been for quite some time, besotted with these Frette Towels available here. At $50.00 a towel, who wouldn’t be? Alas, I cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on towels that I fear may go the way of my monogrammed beauties. Perhaps one day … Towels 4Enter Serena & Lily’s Chevron Jacquard Bath Towels. This was my next stop on the journey to finding the perfect towel. This pattern is quite different, and very cool, almost vintage even. Again, however, I still wasn’t keen on spending $38.00 per towel. Towel 6Enter the winning towel. The Threshold Textured Towel from Target. My oh my. While they do not look exactly like the Frette Towels, and in no way resemble the Serena & Lily Towels, they are good looking, and they are $6.00. Problem solved, don’t you think? photo

Shop for some of my favorite textured towels below!

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