Rainy Day Reading & Rowing

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  • September 29, 2014

Cambridge University Boat Club-1Good morning Lacquered Lifers. It is another dreary day here in Charleston – hello, sun, where did you go? – and I am taking the opportunity to look through some beautiful new books that have recently found their way to my doorstep. Despite the fact I went to school in Connecticut and Massachusetts, I have never been a rower, was never involved in crew in high school or college, and was never particularly interested in the culture of crew – until now. Rowing Blazers, written by Jack Carlson, he himself a rowing champion, explores the culture and history of rowing through its most recognizable attribute – the rowing blazer. I am now officially ashamed that after having gone to Boston College I never once watched the Head of the Charles. Photographer PhotographerWallingford-1-2RowingBlazer_cv_high resThrough photographs of rowing champions wearing the blazers of their school or rowing club, Carlson shares with us the history of rowing, and some of the great stories of the individual schools and clubs. A beautifully laid out book, with photos by F.E. Castleberry, one cannot help but think that a book like this will propel the rowing blazer into one of fall 2014’s biggest trends. With representation from Wisconsin to New Zealand, Carlson paints a picture through these vibrant blazers which is both entertaining and fascinating. A must read.

Rowing Blazers is available through Vendome Press

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Painting an Interior Sky

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  • September 8, 2014

Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I apologize for the lack of posts at the end of last week, but my dear friend Hanna from gadabout came for a visit, and we were so busy catching up and watching the dogs catch up that I ran out of time. So sorry.

Today’s inspiration actually comes from an instagram that Hanna posted of the guest room on Church Street. One of the ladies from Southland Avenue had asked what the paint color in that room was (Benjamin Moore Colony Green), and had commented that it might be a good ceiling color for their bedroom. One of the things I have mentioned to you all here on the blog with some consistency is that colors almost always appear darker on your walls than they do on the paint chip, and that colors never look the same on the screen/paint chip as they do on the walls … so it is always best to use samples! Today I am going to give you three of my favorite pale blues for ceilings – all tried and tested by yours truly.

Icy BlueFirst up is Benjamin Moore Icy Blue 2057-70. This is the strongest of the three colors, and if you are truly looking for a ceiling that call out, “sky!” this might be the one for you.In Your EyesNext is Benjamin Moore In Your Eyes 715. This is a color with several different undertones, and those undertones will become more pronounced depending upon which wall color you pair it with. In a Long Island house I paired this with Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White OC-95 and with the windows thrown open the walls and ceiling of this room were a perfect backdrop to a casual coastal vibe. Patroitic WhiteFinally, my favorite, Benjamin Moore Patriotic White 2135-70. I used this at Church Street on the ceilings of the piazza and the guest bathroom. While it doesn’t seem very blue on the chip (or on this screen) again the color jumps out at you when paired. So the moral of the painting the ceiling story is – go paler than you think! If you find a blue tone that you love, either look for a color in the same done that is several shades lighter, or ask your paint store to add 25% white to the blue of your choice. Portraits, Interiors

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What is Your Lifestyle Palette?

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.45.42 AMRalph Lauren Paint defines its collections as “Lifestyle Palettes,” with names such as “Iconic Brights,” “Thoroughbred,” & “Modern Naturals.” One of my favorites is not surprisingly “Harbor Blues.” Looking back on some recent Instagram photos, it seems that “Harbor Blues” might indeed be my lifestyle palette.Untitled-3Living in Charleston, it is hard to get away from the “Harbor Blues,” whether it is my dining room, the beach at Sullivans’ Island, or the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. However, I have definitely added to my blue lifestyle with our very special trips to Jamaica and Croatia in the last couple months. 
paintsI even like the names of the Ralph Lauren Paints. Above are a few of my favorite colors from the collection, from left to right: Gustavian Blue, Reservoir Blue, and Carriage Blue. So what is your lifestyle palette?

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