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Castello 9This 15th century gothic building is Castello di Thiene. Located in the Vincenza area of Italy, the Castello is a rare example of a Pre-Palladio villa. Although the building is referred to as a castle, it is an early example of an Italian villa also known as a palazzo. The Castello di Thiene is still privately owned by the Conti di Thiene, however, like many historic homes of this scale it is open to the public.

Castello 2 Castello 1Castello 5 Castello 4In the 15th Century, Francesco Porto Sr. inherited some land from his father and uncle, and the Castello di Thiene was begun around 1450. 
Castello 7 Castello 6The two photos above are of the stables at Castello di Thiene. Although construction on the Castello began in the 15th century, it wasn’t until the late 17th century that construction began on the elaborate stable complex. Enthusiastic equestrians, the Porto family most defnitely built these stables to impress. With 32 stalls each divided by red marble columns from Asiago, ornately carved hay stalls and carved stone putti; I’m sure prospective buyers were impressed. Castello 8This is the Castello’s chapel, referred to as the Noble Chapel. Although also constructed in the 15th century, the chapel underwent major renovations in the 19th century. Castello 3Photos courtesy of

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