Black, White, and Blue

It is a very rainy day here in Charleston, and I think along the entire east coast, so I thought we could all take a trip to St. Barths. This home, featured in Italian Marie Claire, is the home of Copenhagen natives Marienne Brandi and Keld Mikkelsen. Instead of the traditional bright colors of an island abode, or a British colonial vibe a la India Hicks, Brandi and Mikkelsen have opted for a black and white color palate, relying on pops of color from the green vegetation. It’s certainly an exercise in restraint for the islands, but most certainly allows the view and the setting to take center stage. 
In addition to the simple black and white color scheme, the couple’s decorating style has a very tribal aesthetic – influenced by pieces of African art they have collected in their travels. 
The house is completely open to the outside – doors on almost every wall, and the subtle black and white scheme does not distract from the beautiful scenery. 
The vaulted ceiling in this traditional island cottage is beautiful, and the oversized raffia light fixtures are the perfect scale with the high ceilings. The kitchen is a reflection of the overall design scheme, with what seem like ebony cabinetry and simple lines. 

I couldn’t leave you without a shot of the mini bar, but look out the doorway to the right at that magnificent view. 
What an extremely chic and unexpected take on the island lifestyle – less focus on the decorating, more focus on the view. The black, the white, and the turquoise of the ocean. Anyone for a swim? 

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire Italia

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