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Good Morning Lacquered Lifers! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Here in Philadelphia, I get all my shelter magazines delivered, whereas in NYC I used to buy them b/c they hit the newsstands early. Although I miss the instant gratification of buying my shelter magazines, I love the surprise when they show up at my door. Yesterday, the April issue of House Beautiful showed up … and I am absolutely in love with the Bath of the Month. What do you think? 
As you already know, I love love love shiplap walls like these. I love the fixtures and the sinks from Urban Archeology. 
What I really like, is that they continued the ship lap on the tub surround. And how great is that shower head? It comes out from the wall and yet is still a rain shower head! 
Even the storage matches! 
And my favorite, little hidden storage spaces. The shelving is secretly hidden behind my beloved ship lap walls. Somehow this fabulous bathroom retains its 1920s roots while feeling extremely streamlined and modern. Let me know your thoughts! 
Photos courtesy of House Beautiful

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  • I just got that magazine , too. The bathroom is really great. I love that they knew when to stop. It is simple with some humble materials ( wood siding ) and things that were period appropriate. So often we see “period” pieces that are fit for the Vanderbuilt mansion and not the actual house the bathroom is in!
    New to your blog. Love it! ~ Christie

  • Design Elements – I know, great-right? So calm!
    Christie – Thanks for checking in! Although I agree with Tony Duquette on more is more, sometimes in a bathroom, less is in fact more. Be sure to become a follower!
    Jillian – will definitely stop by, thanks for stopping by!

  • I always wanted a rain shower head but I always thought that would be a huge renovation. Seeing it like this makes me think this could be happening a lot quicker than I thought. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Hannah