Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2015 – My Picks

2015 ColorsGood Morning Lacquered Lifers. Of all the questions I get from you, my loyal Lacquered Lifers, the majority of them are about paint colors. So today, I am giving you my top five picks from Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2015.

Antique Jade: A soft but strong grey green, Antique Jade would make a wonderful trim color in a room with some architectural details … like say, a library with bookshelves. Done in a high gloss finish, this color would envelop you in a calming but chic cocoon.

Pink Damask: Although I am typically not a lover of pink (what can I say, I’m a tomboy!), Pink Damask has always been a favorite. As it is an Off White color, this pale pink lends just a drop of pink feeling to a neutral toned room, giving it a warmth that glows especially in western facing rooms.

Patriotic White: One of my all time favorite paint colors. I cannot tell you how many times I have used this color. It is the palest of pale blues, perfect for a piazza ceiling when you don’t want to feel too kitschy – or a bedroom ceiling where you want to stare up at something calming that is more than just white.

Blue Danube: Chic chic chic. A deep navy with drops of peacock. Great for a bedroom, study, or front door. Really, great just about anywhere. I can’t say enough good things about this color.

Halo: A wonderfully pale grey which has brown undertones, making it much warmer and more inviting than those pale greys that come at you from the blue family. Beautiful in a hallway or bedroom, this color has a calming effect that makes it so worthwhile.

REMEMBER TO ALWAYS GET SAMPLES! Colors never look the same on a computer screen, or in a fan deck as they do on your walls. And don’t forget to take finish into consideration!

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  • Olivia, love your blog. Thanks for the paint color suggestions. Going today to look at Ben Moore paint colors for front door of an all white house-I think I will look at Halo!

    1. Thank you Mrs. D! So glad you’re enjoying Lacquered Life – let me know if you ever need any additional paint color suggestions – is this for the house on Tokeneke?!