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Portraits, InteriorsGood morning Lacquered Lifers! Mr. B and I are heading into a few weeks of houseguests, and so I have “getting the guest room ready” on my mind. There is a list of things that I check off that I think are essential to making a guest feel comfortable that are a bit above the obvious clean sheets, clean towels, and advil. I put books on the bedside tables that are easy to pick up and read a few pages of and put down, especially books with facts about your town or city. I leave cocktail napkins on the bedside tables, so that guests can feel comfortable putting their water down anywhere, as well as a carafe which I fill with ice water every evening. Don’t forget the small dish for jewelry or cufflinks, and a notepad for writing down that flight confirmation number for when your guests are rebooking their flights to stay longer. It is these little things that make a guest feel right at home, and why your friends will keep coming to visit. Below are some of my favorite guest room must haves.

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  • My favorite place to sleep, in the home of two of my favorite people. No one pampers guests like the Brocks!

  • I love that little “Very Charleston” book, I need to add it to our guest room 🙂 Also loving the patterned chair in the photo you posted. GORGEOUS!!!


    1. Thanks so much Laura! Its a Quadrille fabric, my fave. Thanks for stopping by! xo Olivia

    1. Thanks Barbara! Thanks for stopping by! Hope these tips were helpful!

    1. Hi Kyle! Glad you like it, you’re welcome anytime 😉 The walls are Benjamin Moore Colony Green. Thanks for stopping by! x Olivia

  • Would you mind sharing your source for the guest room blinds, drapes & rods?

    1. Yes! Thanks for stopping by Waverly. Blinds: Lowes, drapes: West Elm, rods: Rejuvination. Thanks for stopping by!