Axel’s Kastel

Axel 1I have always been a great admirer of Axel Vervoordt – designer, antiques dealer, and aesthetician extraordinaire. While our tastes don’t always line up exactly, I appreciate his understanding of space, and the way that he often lets the architecture of a space speak for itself. It seems when looking through work he has done, he always has the opportunity to decorate extraordinary spaces, and his spartan sense of style lends itself to that. This is Kastel de ‘s-Gravenwezel, a Belgian chateau dating to the 13th century, which is  owned by the designer. Clearly Vervoordt and I are on the same page when it comes to historic preservation. I am especially drawn to the Orangerie, and to the bathtub that is tucked away behind some beautifully detailed paneling. Luckily for us, if in fact you want to visit the Kastel, the Vervoordt family opens it up to the public for tours three weekends a month for the bargain price of 10 euro. Axel 2 Axel 5 Axel 6 Axel 7 Axel 8 Axel 9 Axel 10Axel 3


Images via Marie Claire Maison

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  • You always manage to find the most beautiful places and homes to share on your blog! Love this gorgeous chateau.