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follyStill on a beach kick here in Charleston, so I thought I would introduce you to our other popular beach – Folly Beach. As shown in the pamphlet above, Folly Beach has been a popular destination in South Carolina for years. One of my favorite Charleston-based interior designers, Amelia Handegan, has a house at Folly Beach that was photographed for Architectural Digest, which I thought I would share.

amelia 5

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amelia 7This is perhaps one of my favorite parts of Hanegan’s Folly Beach home. The change in the pattern on the floor is meant to represent where the old house ends and the new house begins – so that the viewer is aware of the passage of time and of the home’s different building campaigns. This is an extremely preservation minded piece of Handegan’s design, and something that I have also done in my home in Charleston to distinguish the new from the old.

amelia 3

amelia 1I could get pretty comfortable with that view, what about you?

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