abandoned 1My husband sent me a link to this article on My Science Academy, see here, that features 30 beautiful abandoned places all over the world. I hate to simply regurgitate something I have been sent, but I thought I would choose a few of the photos to share with you all. It is photos and places like these that are the reason I became a preservationist. If looking at these pictures somehow moves something inside of you, or you begin to tear up, then guess what? You’re a preservationist.


abandoned 6
Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay
abandoned 7
Dome Houses, Southwest Florida
abandoned 8
Czestochowa, Poland’s Abandoned Train Depot
abandoned 9
Russian Military Rocket Factory
abandoned 10
El Hotel Del Salto, Colombia
abandoned 3
15th Century Monastery, Black Forest, Germany
abandoned 4
Craco, Italy
abandoned 5
Abandoned 1866 Mill in Sorrento, Italy

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