A Scrooge and a Spruce

Xmas PinGood Morning Lacquered Lifers! Does anyone else feel that over the years the Christmas decorating has started earlier and earlier? Growing up, we never got into the full swing of Christmas until after December 17th, because that is my brother’s birthday, and we tried our best not to let Christmas overshadow it. Last year, I tried to continue that tradition with my own Christmas decorating … try finding a tree in Charleston on the second weekend of December. So this year, I am going to pick out my tree this week, and just not pick it up until the second week of December. Try as I may, I cannot jump so easily and quickly from Thanksgiving into Christmas. However, I will try to do a little bit of organizing ahead of time. Going thru my Pinterest boards, it seems that I’m quite taken with small, simple accent trees. Xmas PinsVia
Xmas Pins 5How pretty is this Tabletop Spruce? I think that something like this would look beautiful in the study or on the dining room table. Church Street is not a big house, so I can’t go too crazy with lots of mini trees but I think I’m definitely going to need at least one … and maybe purchasing this will persuade me to start in on the Christmas decorating a little earlier this year.

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  • You should buy the tree asap – thanksgiving weekend.
    Then just keep it in water and put it up whenever you want. It’s better for it to sit in water somewhere than on the lot in the sun and wind. Just sayin…

    1. I wish! I would have nowhere to put it. No garage here on Church Street. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I just learned from my Uncle (a retired colonial historian in Williamsburg) that until recently trees weren’t put up until Christmas eve- after the kids went to bed! It was supposed to be part of Santa’s surprise, I guess. I wonder when it changed…