A Banner Year

The other day I was looking for living room design inspiration, and i was at a loss. Upon my mother’s recommendation, I decided to go into my “vault” and grab some  old issues of House Beautiful. I started in 2009, and whoa. It seems to me, after going through the entirety of 2009, that there is no other year of House Beautiful that has more photos that are blogged about, pinned, printed, loved, whatever. I mean for Lacquered Life alone, three posts this week were spawned by HB 2009. I feel as though I have seen so many of these interiors so many times – and not just because they have been around for 4 years. I cannot believe that all of these “well-loved” pictures are from  a single year. Below are some of the culprits.

meg braff octMeg Braff, October

Ned Marshall March Ned Marshall, March

miles redd julyMiles Redd, July

Jonathan Adler mayJonathan Adler, May

Windsor Smith Residence, Los Angeles, CAWindsor Smith, September

John Willey MarJohn Willey, March

ginger barber julyGinger Barber, July

david lawrence juneDavid Lawrence, June

jonathan berger julyJonathan Berger, July

Annie Selke febAnnie Selke, February

Lynn Morgan aprilLynn Morgan, April

albert hadley julyAnd my personal favorite, again, Albert Hadley, July.


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  • David Lawrence, Jonathan Berger, Annie Selke, and Lynn Morgan! LOVEEEEEEE!