Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum

Guest Room Fireplace Mantel, Church Street

Reading my paper on the porch yesterday, I came upon an article in the NY Times travel section, entitled, “On a Caribbean Rum Trail,” about traveling the Caribbean tasting rum.  I don’t know whether it was that article, or the breeze blowing through the palmetto tree outside my window as I woke up, but I am feeling the tug of the tropics this morning. It is funny because I get this feeling more often now that I live in Charleston, then I did when I lived in New York or Philadelphia or Boston. I think it is because Charleston is in fact quite tropical, and in those moments before you open your eyes in the morning, and you hear the rustle of the palmetto fronds, you could be on vacation. That is why many of these photos below were used as inspiration for the decor of our guest room at Church Street.

Island Style 3
Island Style by Jim Kemp
Tom Scheerer Decorates
Island Life 1
Island Life by India Hicks & David Flint Wood
Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios
Island Life 3
Island Life
TScheerer_CashBox_50640 copy
Tom Scheerer Decorates
Jamaica Inn
Island Style 1
Island Style
Island Life 2
Island Life

Photos via Tom Scheerer Decorates, available here; Island Life by India Hicks & David Flint Wood, available here; and Island Style by Jim Kemp, available here. Photos at Jamaica Inn were taken by Olivia, Jamaica Inn website here.

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